So many things inspire me and my stories! I wish I could list them all . . .

First there’s Aerbrin’s story. Her’s is one of silent courage, teeth-grinding persistence, and never-ending loyalty.


And I love Hilfawn. She’s the kind of gal who the limelight was designed for. Taylor Swift’s Mean would certainly be her theme-song. Spunky and out-spoken she’s well out of her league when she teams up with a transformed Prince to find the rightful King. Truth be told, she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Vita. Ah, Vita. *swoon*


And who doesn’t want to read a story with a giant, talking lion? Enter: Timbrick. I guess my inner Leo was just shining through.


Don’t forget the villains! What would story life be without the villains?


So, yes, I love these characters; what they experience and how they react. (And I also love Pinterest – clearly – so don’t forget to follow me there to stay caught up on all the new Inspiration I’m always collecting!)