Image Sourced from Good Morning Gratitude

Have you ever felt the wind across your face?

Ever closed your eyes and let it brush by you. Felt it’s pull against your hair and its soft pressure against your skin. Like hundreds of playful cotton-balls trying to tickle you. More gentle than feathers or even the grasp of a child’s hand, the wind nudges you towards simple, contended, happiness. A place where there is wonder and peace and the only noise is the almost unheard whisper of dreams and future adventures. Subtle and undemanding, the wind comes and goes all too often inexperienced. But for those who give in to the beckoning of the wind . . . well, they know what I’m talking about. How about you?

Have you ever felt the wind across your face?



Moon and Stars

Image Sourced from Mr. Wallpaper

I’ve always thought of outer space as that thing ‘out there’. As though I wasn’t in it at all. However, the only thing separating me and that mystery called outer space is a thin layer of air molecules, the atmosphere. So, I guess, saying I’m not in space is a little like a child throwing a blanket over their head and saying they weren’t in the room. That, somehow, having the blanket between her and the rest of the room separates her so much so that she is no longer part of the room. When seen in that light, in a way, I guess I am in outer space after all.

So take heart all future astronauts. Space isn’t so far away after all.