Depression and Vitamin D

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As one who deals with depression, I’ve spend hours researching the topic. One thing I’ve learned is the importance of Vitamin D. This seems to be especially true for those who suffer from seasonal depression, or who’s depression seems to deepen during the winter months.

This is because our bodies make Vitamin D on their own, when our skin (uncovered by sunscreen) is exposed to the sun. The sun’s rays hit our skin, mix with the cholesterol naturally in our skin and change into a chemical our bodies can then alter to form Vitamin D.

If we were in Florida, along the beach in the middle of the summer in swim suits ( . . . I can see us now, and, dang!, we look hot . . .) it would only take us 10-15 minutes for our bodies to make enough Vitamin D to last us through the day. However, the further away from the equator and the closer to winter we get, the longer we have to stay out.

I wanted to bring this up this month, because our summer sun has faded and the sun’s rays are not as strong during these upcoming months. So, if you suffer from seasonal depression or you feel your depression worsening, try upping your Vitamin D.

Of course, Vitamin D from the sun is much better than the stuff you pull off the shelf at the store. But, I get it – it’s cold out there! So, try to get some sun on your skin if you can, but if not try a good Vitamin D supplement. Moreover, Vitamin D helps prevent getting sick – double benefits!


My Black Hole

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What can I say – I deal with depression.

Deal with. Struggle with. Suffer from. Any phrase works. Of course, they all fall short too. I deal with depression like one would deal with a black hole; or like one would struggle with a black hole; or suffer from a black hole.

Most of the science involving black holes is a bit above my head, but there is one aspect I get. Black holes suck up everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Nothing escapes, not even light. Hence the name – BLACK hole.

But, do you want to know a secret? Scientists were wrong. New findings show that some things do escape a black hole. Apparently some light and particles get flying so fast around the black hole, as they’re being sucked in, that they actually get flung out and away – free of the black hole’s grip. Shocking.

Some light gets out.

Some hope breaks free.

Thank the stars above. Because as I continue to deal with my own black hole those small shards of light are sometimes all that keeps me going. When life gets the darkest, I just focus on the knowledge that it won’t always be like this – the blackness won’t continue on forever. Light gets away. And tomorrow will be a better day.

The light comes back.

The darkness lifts.