You Are Strong

HD Tornado Ahead Wallpaper

Image Sourced From No. 1 HD Wallpapers

You are strong.

However, strength does not mean every day will be easy. It does not mean that, at some point, life will not feel pointless, overwhelming, or just plain hard. Because it will. As strong as you are life will, at times, whip you around and batter you in an assault that begins to look relentless.

Still, you are strong.

Strength does not mean you will cease to feel the pains of life. Instead, it means you will be able to continue on, even when the winds beat mercilessly. Strength means you will keep an even head and continue to act wisely. You will still do what is right. You will still make smart decisions. Because you are strong.

Eventually the whirlwind will stop. You will look back at the life you built during the storm and you will see that, now, you are stronger than you ever were before.



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