Send Your Roots Down Deep

Image Sourced from Wikipedia

Have you ever pulled a plant up by its roots?

Underneath the soil the plant has sent out a intricate network of food-finders. These roots rummage through the dirt for water in time of drought. When strong winds come, the roots keep the plant anchored to the ground. Deep roots are essential to a healthy plant – the deeper and stronger the roots, the healthier the plant and the better it can withstand drought and rough weather.

We are just like those plants. We depend on our ‘roots’ to help us through. Whether it is severe sickness, mental illnesses, struggles at work or within our families, I think we all reach the point where reaching deep into ourselves proves to be not enough and we find we must reach deep into something else. As strong as we are, sometimes we are not enough. Not alone, anyways.

Our ability to handle those difficult times, which will come, depends on how deep our roots are.

So, where do we send our roots? I would argue that we must send them into the one thing stronger than ourselves – into our Savior, Jesus Christ. We strengthen our roots by frequently reading our scriptures, being thoughtful in our daily prayers.

Similar to roots which require time to grow, we cannot wait for the storms of life to hit before we send down our roots. They must already be deeply driven into the ground.


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