Freeze Tag

Carefree: Some parents worry their neighbours will look down on them if they allowed their children to play outdoors unsupervised

Image Sourced from Mail Online

My kids love to play outside. Now that the weather has cooled down we are outside almost every day swinging, sliding and playing my eldest’s new favorite, Freeze Tag.

Do you remember playing that game? Remember running around, trying to tag each other, and freezing when you got caught.

Sometimes I wish I could freeze life as easily. I wish I could just tap my dirty dishes pile and poof! freeze it so it couldn’t get bigger. I wish I could tap my kids and poof! freeze them from getting hungry and needing to be fed . . . for the seventh time today.

Then again, if I could freeze all my work, what would I do? In all honesty, I can think of a dozen things I’d like to do if I could take a break from work. But the one that sits on the top, is playing with my kids. Few things are as fun, and nothing else is as important.

So, almost every day now that’s it’s cool, we go outside and swing, slide and play freeze tag. The dishes don’t stop piling up and the kids get hungry even faster from being outside, but for a moment I don’t worry about any of that. We just play.


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