My Black Hole

Image Sourced from Nasa

What can I say – I deal with depression.

Deal with. Struggle with. Suffer from. Any phrase works. Of course, they all fall short too. I deal with depression like one would deal with a black hole; or like one would struggle with a black hole; or suffer from a black hole.

Most of the science involving black holes is a bit above my head, but there is one aspect I get. Black holes suck up everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Nothing escapes, not even light. Hence the name – BLACK hole.

But, do you want to know a secret? Scientists were wrong. New findings show that some things do escape a black hole. Apparently some light and particles get flying so fast around the black hole, as they’re being sucked in, that they actually get flung out and away – free of the black hole’s grip. Shocking.

Some light gets out.

Some hope breaks free.

Thank the stars above. Because as I continue to deal with my own black hole those small shards of light are sometimes all that keeps me going. When life gets the darkest, I just focus on the knowledge that it won’t always be like this – the blackness won’t continue on forever. Light gets away. And tomorrow will be a better day.

The light comes back.

The darkness lifts.



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