At Our Best

Image Sourced from AstroSage Magazine

People are great. I mean, we’re a little rough around the edges, but on the whole we’re a pretty awesome group of beings.

For example, when I’m pregnant I’m always pleasantly surprised by how nice people are. Perhaps they’re concerned that I’ll burst into tears or start screaming insults like a banshee at any moment. And let’s be real, there are times when those things happen.

Still, most of the time I’m not looking for sympathy or assistance and people just pop out of the wood work with hands ready to help. They ask if they should close the door, so that I don’t get too cold. They offer me their chair saying it’s softer than mine (okay, this one I totally appreciate). Or they ask if they can get me a chair, so I don’t have to stand. The list just goes on and on.

All the offers are really so very sweet, and though I don’t normally need or accept the help, it still makes me smile. It’s such a treat to glimpse people at their best. You see, even though we do all need a little work, we are all pretty awesome, too.


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